Whether under the guidance of your creative people or as partners in the creative process, our team of 2D and 3D artists know how to translate your ideas into pictures with an unrivaled level of detail, size and resolution.
Not only will our artists breathe life into your characters and their world, they will also adapt their artistry to your desired style and treatment, ranging from the goofiest of cartoon settings to the sublimely dramatic to the epically hyper-realistic.


Combining experienced talent from the photo-real and full-CG worlds, our animation team is dedicated to offering you top-notch animation for biped and quadruped characters, imaginary creatures, and all flavors of vehicles and machinery. Whether organic or mechanical, our team has the depth and talent to bring it to the top.
Filled with an incredible flair for aesthetics, synergy and movement, our artists are at all times focused on our customers’ requirements without neglecting their impact on related departments, while creating a vibrant world that is rich in life.
The team also avails of in-house motion capture technology, frequently used to kick-start an animation scene, build an animation database, choreograph a complex animation situation or simply study the specific movements of the human body.


For all of your FX needs be they snow, dust, fire, water or crowd simulations, we have assembled an FX team with diverse and complementary talents. From a sprinkling of dust hanging in the wind to the massive destruction wrought by a meteorite during an ice storm, our proven pipeline will make you believe in your wildest dreams – or nightmares. Watch the end of the world happen before your eyes from the comfort of our cozy projection room!


Our experienced and adaptable team has had great success designing and building all types of 3D assets. From cartoon-flavored characters to complex, multi-jointed creatures to hyper-realistic old-timers, our artists pull out all the stops in executing assets of the highest caliber. From initial concept to final 3D model, you will see your characters come to life right before your eyes.


We create high quality digital environments where no detail is overlooked. Working on real and known locations, or in fanciful worlds borne out of your imagination, we will add that touch of photorealism that will never cease to amaze you. Whether it is a traditional 2 d matte painting, a 2.5D projection, a set extension or a 3D environment created entirely from scratch, we have a few tricks up our sleeves that will leave you speechless.


Is your project still in its infancy? Let our artists, guided by our creative director, help you define the look and feel of your project. Through intimate discussions with your creative team, we will develop all of the visual cues required to ensure a solid visual and conceptual foundation for all of your production’s needs.


Digital Dimension offers continued creative consultation for all of your projects, large or small. Our supervisors and art directors will ensure a creative continuity and clean visual style through the duration of production. Let us help turn your ideas into beautiful, focused reality.