Meduzarts runs a range of service departments dedicated to delivering enticing storytelling content.


We offer on going creative consultation for all of your projects, large or small. Our supervisors and art directors will ensure a creative continuity and clean visual style throughout production. Let us help turn your ideas into exciting, focused reality.


Need help to bring your ideas to life? Let our artists, guided by our creative directors, help you define the look and feel of your project. Through intimate discussions with your creative team, we will develop a powerful visual and conceptual foundation for all of your production’s needs.


Need to plan your sequences and estimate the real cost of production? We offer a full range of storyboards and previz services - both essential tools to the director who wishes to optimize his production budget. By assessing in advance the cost of creating a sequence, you will be able to develop solutions best tailored to your budget and vision.


Our team at Meduzarts is nothing but ressourceful when it comes to create something truly unique. Our creative craftmanship is what sets us apart, our desire to constantly renew the way we do things makes us adaptable. This is why our team has had great success designing and building all types of 3D assets for all sorts of clients. From unique characters and landscapes to complex, multi-jointed creatures to hyper-realistic worlds, our artists pull out all the stops in executing assets of the highest caliber. From initial concept to final 3D model, you will see your ideas come to life right before your eyes.


Combining experienced talent from the photo-real and full-CG worlds, our animation team is dedicated to offering you high-quality animation that capture the imagination. Filled with an incredible flair for aesthetics, synergy and movement, our artists are at all times focused on our customers’ requirements, creating breathtaking worlds and characters.


We create high quality digital environments where no detail is overlooked. Working in gritty worlds born out of your imagination, we will add that wild touch that will never cease to amaze you. Whether it is a traditional 2D matte painting or a 3D environment created from scratch, we have a few tricks up our sleeves that will surprise you.